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The Unstoppable Jackeline Cacho Celebrates a Decade of Latino Triumphs

The Queen of Spanish Language Edutainment Programming celebrates the tenth anniversary of her award-winning national TV show and is grateful for the prestigious recognitions she has received from leaders all over the country for her dedication to the Latino Community.

Jackeline Cacho has had the opportunity to contemplate the highlights of the journey that she embarked on over twenty years ago. A pioneer in the production of independent positive programming in the Spanish language for the largest and fastest growing minority in the US, she is grateful to celebrate the ten years of Jackeline Cacho Presenta Triunfo Latino (airing every Sunday on the Vme TV network).

During the start of the pandemic, she launched Jackeline Cacho Live, a weekly program on her digital platform, to reach out to her viewers more than ever. One of the many recognitions Jackeline received in 2021 include her nomination for “The Inspirational Women Forum and Awards” by the prestigious Los Angeles Times B2B Publishing team.

Jackeline Cacho’s career as a journalist began as a news anchor for Univision. She gained tremendous success covering news breaking stories on the air and interviewing personalities in the news. One of the breaking stories which captured national attention was her interview with one of the FBI’s ten most wanted serial killers, Maturino Reséndiz, known as the “Railroad Killer.” Her exclusive interview with Reséndiz in the year 2000 served as an exposé as she communicated with him in Spanish while he was in prison.

She went from conducting this interview to successfully producing the program Las Mañanitas Para la Virgen de Guadalupe, in San Antonio, which was broadcast nationwide.

After six years as a solo anchor, she was brought to Los Angeles, to inaugurate the first national Spanish language newscast on the West Coast with the Azteca America network. This was one of the largest opportunities of her career. Unbeknownst to her, this would be a turning point for Jackeline as a trailblazer in Spanish language edutainment programming.

In her own words, Jackeline Cacho says, “I give thanks to God for guiding me up to this point in my career. I feel blessed to have found my purpose using the gifts that God has given me, With the support and encouragement that I receive from the community, I will continue to inspire generations to come. I am infinitely grateful for the support and unconditional love from my mother, Carmen de Cacho, my husband and producer Thene Muciño thanks “Amor” for everything you do for us and my family who support my efforts daily”.

She felt there was a need for positive and inspirational programming for the Hispanic community and she started her own production company with her husband Mexican director and producer Thene Muciño.

As a journalist, Jackeline Cacho has experience interviewing leaders from around the world and counts on the support of companies and organizations that support causes related to education, among others to keep these causes alive. Looking ahead to the New Year, Jackeline Cacho has an exciting agenda planned for her viewers. Stay tuned for the launch of “Mi Mochila Emocional” to be released in English during Spring 2022.

Mi Mochila Emocional, which was released in Spanish in 2020, was featured in People en Español (March 2020) and delivers the Latina star’s coping mechanisms at a time when many members of her audience were fighting anxiety and panic attacks – two of the health issues described in the debut of her first book. A special series is also scheduled for next year, in honor of the anniversary of Jackeline Cacho Presenta Triunfo Latino! In 2022, we can also be on the lookout for Jackeline Cacho on the cover of several prestigious publications across the nation.

For more information visit www.jackelinecacho.com

Triunfo Latino TV
Triunfo Latino TVhttp://triunfolatinotv.com
Triunfo Latino TV, es un canal de contenidos digitales positivos e informativos con temática educativa-inspiracional, lo que nuestros fundadores denominan “Edutainment”. La fundadora y Lider Multimedia Jackeline Cacho conocida como la Reyna del Edutainment, desea compartir herramientas para que latinos parlantes en Estados Unidos y América Latina puedan conectarse a nivel global con importantes temas de salud espiritual, física y mental, herramientas para impulsar sus negocios y crecer sus finanzas, expertos estarán compartiendo en tiempo real con los Triunfaseguidores y dejando una huella unidos de inspiración con información positiva de recomendaciones valiosas para esta generación visual y virtual con influencia generacional. Una ventana de posibilidades y lugares favoritos de la comunidad latina en el mundo. Jackeline Cacho Fundadora TLTV www.jackelinecacho.com

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