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Jackeline Cacho

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Jackeline Cacho, the Queen of Spanish Language Edutainment Programming is celebrating the 10th anniversary of her award-winning national TV show and is grateful for the prestigious recognitions she has received from leaders all over the country for her dedication to the Latino Community, she is thankful for her two prestigious Emmy nominations for Outstanding Program in Spanish and Outstanding TV Host in daytime program in Spanish in the country. ​ The Multimedia Star Jackeline Cacho is grateful to celebrate ten years on the making of “Jackeline Cacho Presenta Triunfo Latino” (airing every Sunday on the Vme TV network in our 22.2 millions of households). Now she is recognized as the Queen of Spanish language Edutainment programming in the country, she felt there was a need for positive and inspirational programming for the Hispanic community and she started her own production company in Los Angeles ten years ago with her husband Mexican director and producer Thene Mucino, to produce programs that reflect the fastest growing community in the nation, Latinos and Latinas that are living a legacy in this new era.


3,292FansMe gusta

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